What Does Your Dog do While You Are at Work?-A Lafayette Pet Sitter Can Make It Better

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Pets

A professional Lafayette pet sitter can make the time you are away from your dog a lot more interesting! Have you ever considered what it must be like to have to stay home all day long without your human if you are a dog? It has to be boring and promote feelings of anxiousness. Even if you have a dog walker come by and take your dog out for a walk they are still pretty much on their own the entire day while you are at work.

Dogs Need a Pack
Of course you are your dog’s pack leader and family members are the rest of his/her pack but when you consider the amount of hours that a dog is left on their own it can be an extensive amount of time. When dogs are left on their own too much it can cause behavior problems.  The behavior problems can manifest because the pup is left alone so much that they lose sight of the pecking order in the pack.

The Interaction
A professional sitting service can help your pet to enjoy their day by providing recreation, lounge areas, friends to play with and even some fun games. The interaction with friendly staff members and other dogs can help your dog to miss you a little less while you are at work or out shopping or doing whatever it is that you need to do.

All dogs need to be socialized and what better way to socialize your fur baby than in a neutral environment that is:
*Safe and secure
*Focused on proper behavior
*Associated with a good time
It has to be awful to be left home every day and not really understand why. The Tail Haven can help. Take advantage of the day services at the Tail Haven and know that your friend is having a great day!

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